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Survival Frog

Survival Tips Playing Cards

Survival Tips Playing Cards

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Learn how to survive 52 disaster situations. Educational, funny and entertaining for the entire family.

 A sneak peek into a few of the cards: 

    • Surviving an Airplane Crash
    • Surviving Quicksand
    • Surviving a “Knockout” Punch
    • Surviving a Shark Attack
    • Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse
    • Surviving Your Parachute Not Opening
    • Plus, 46 other intense scenarios


  • Quality Construction: Each deck contains premium quality, plastic-coated survival cards.
  • Lightweight: Only 3.2 oz., making it the perfect addition to your glove compartment, bug out bag and camping gear.
  • Educational: This is by far one of the best survival tools preppers can own in order to always be prepared! Each of these survival cards covers a survival situation, as well as ideas on how to make it out alive.
  • Functional: Play Poker, bridge, gin rummy or just use these survival playing cards as a fun educational tool for your family and friends.
  • Make a great gift:  a unique gift or stocking stuffer!  
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