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Spiritual Warfare 16 bit Game Card For Sega Genesis

Spiritual Warfare 16 bit Game Card For Sega Genesis

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Spiritual Warfare is one of the games released by Wisdom Tree, a company that specialized in Christian-themed games and was formed as a subsidiary of Color Dreams, a company known for making unlicensed NES games. Like all other Wisdom Tree games for the NES, it focused heavily on a religious theme and Bible trivia- unlike the rest of the Wisdom Tree library, however, it's actually regarded as a competent and even decent game. This may be due to the fact the developer chose to abandon their prior 2D side-scrolling game engine and instead took inspiration from overhead adventure games- primarily The Legend of Zelda.

The game is set somewhere in an unnamed American city upon which Satan himself has set his sights, sending demons to possess much of the populace. You, a lone soldier in God's army, are tasked with stopping this and your only support are angels and the occasional citizen who was not possessed. Your weapon of choice as you gather the six pieces of the Armor of God are holy fruits and vials of God's wrath which can knock the possessed citizens out cold and free them of their demonic parasites. After obtaining the armor, you will make your way to Hell itself and fight Satan directly.

Spiritual Warfare 16 bit MD Game Card For Sega Mega Drive For Genesis

Brand Name: BIGKID
Compatible Brand/Model: SEGA
Sega Model: MEGA DRIVE
Model Number: 16 bit

*Game is a made to order - custom reproduction imported from Japan. 

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