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N95 NIOSH Medical Face Masks - 20 Pack

N95 NIOSH Medical Face Masks - 20 Pack

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  • N95 NIOSH Approved.
  • Made in the USA
  • Recommended by the CDC for people who come in contact with the AVIAN Flu (bird flu) Virus or Coronavirus.
  • Fold style shaped N95 respirator.
  • Adjustable metal noseband.
  • Low-profile design with smooth inner lining provides a secure seal and comfortable fit.
  • Dual fixed straps used around the back of head (not ear straps which are irritating and not N95 approved).
  • 95% filtration efficiency against dusts, solids, and liquid aerosols that do not contain oil
  • TC-84A-9251

Protect your family from bacteria, dust, chemicals, smoke, and Coronavirus. Don't depend on surgical masks as they have air gaps and no filter. Only medical-grade N95 masks can shield you from dangerous contaminants. 

Survival Frog has purchased and donated thousands of N95 masks to local hospitals and first responders. We continue to donate and support our first responders. 

NOTE: We realize this product is expensive - N95 masks are expensive for us to purchase in the open market. We are offering this to our customers at minimal price markup. 

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