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Angstrom Minerals

Liver Support, By Angstrom Minerals

Liver Support, By Angstrom Minerals

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Name:Liver support

Use: May support fat metabolism, may assist digestive enzymes, and liver detoxification

Dosage: 2 Capsules

Servings Per container: 30



Zinc 30 mg

Choline 12 mg

Milk Thistle 200 mg

Beetroot 50 mg

Artichoke Extract 50 mg

Chanca Pledre Extract 50 mg

Dandelion 50 mg

Chicory Root 50 mg

Yarrow 50 mg

Jujube Fruit Extract 50 mg

And a proprietary blend of liver supporting herbs 512 mg

Note: Angstrom minerals dos not claim these vitamin, herbs & minerals solve or cure anything. We follow popular belief that these ingredients may help. No research has been done by Angstrom Minerals to support these beliefs.

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