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Survival Frog

Emergency Rain Ponchos with Hood - 3 Pack

Emergency Rain Ponchos with Hood - 3 Pack

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  • Extremely Compact & Lightweight: Only weighs a few ounces, making it ideal for anyone who wants the lightest survival gear around. The thin fabric can easily be stuffed into the tiniest of spaces making it ideal for anyone who has limited room in their pack.
  • Waterproof: Essential to stay dry and safe. Our vinyl poncho is 100% waterproof. Water beads off to help keep you and whatever it's covering nice and dry. 
  • Versatile: Not only is the poncho great at keeping you dry, it can also be used to protect your other survival gear too. Drape it over your bug out bag, place it on top of a makeshift shelter, use it to catch water, and so much more. 

Stay Safe, Stay Dry with Our Emergency Ponchos

Gear for your camping pack or bug out bag doesn't have to be overly complicated or high-tech to help save your life. A perfect example of simple is our emergency ponchos. These lightweight rain ponchos can keep you dry even when the bottom's dropping out. On top of that, they're incredibly compact and portable which means you can tuck them away without worrying they'll take up too much room. Not to mention they've got multiple uses and are quite easy on the wallet, unlike more expensive rain gear. 

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