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Survival Frog

Emergency Can Opener by FROG & CO

Emergency Can Opener by FROG & CO

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Open cans with ease during a camping trip, power outage, or SHTF situation with this compact emergency can opener. Made from high-quality stainless iron, this can opener is built to last and can easily fit on a keychain or in a survival kit. With its simple and efficient design, this rugged little tool can open cans of all sizes while being much smaller than a standard can opener. An essential survival item for opening canned goods if SHTF.


  • Easy to Use with an intuitive design
  • Compact & Lightweight so it is easy to carry anywhere and won’t take up critical space in a camping backpack or bug-out bag
  • Tough due to the high-quality stainless iron makes this tool durable and tough enough to open cans of any size
  • Velcro-sealed carrying case with a loop on the back makes it easy to slip into or attach to your pack
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