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The Watcher Series

Drone Fishing Boat With 4K UHD Fishfinder Camera

Drone Fishing Boat With 4K UHD Fishfinder Camera

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4K UHD Camera  IPX8 4.5m/s Intelligent Fishing 1000m Wireless Control Bait Fishing Tool. The Watcher Series flyfish with a large catch area and a D video clip make this one of the most exciting flying anglers. Drone Fishing Boat With 4K UHD Fishfinder Camera is a small boat for a larger size with an easy to use, easy-to-use, flashable lens, so you can have a clear view in any conditions you want. A high quality camera hook allows for easy carry of large, medium or smaller bass and comes complete with quick release screws that allow easy installation into any mounting holes. You'll be able to hold your tackle easily whether on land or sea!


Material: Metal
Material: Plastic
State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go
Flight Time: 2 hour
Power Source: Electric
Features: Remote Control
Remote Distance: 1000 meters
Warranty: 3 months
Motor: Brushless Motor
Control Channels: 4 Channels
waterproof level: IPX8
speed: 4.5m/s
camera: 220 degree dual joint rotation 4K camera

Features 1: intelligent fishing via 3D Mapping

Features 2: Electronic stabilization

Features 3: Remote tow hook

Features 4: Underwater Submersible 

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