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Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit

Bow Drill Fire Starter Kit

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Make fire without a lighter or matches! 

Let the primitive side of you come out and play – make fire like the caveman!  You will love the challenge of creating fire without lighters or matches, using the ancient form of “friction fire”.


  • Perfect for Camping:  Makes for a fun and engaging campsite activity the entire family will love. For kids (10 years and up) and adults wanting the challenge of primitive fire-making.  
  • Fun & Educational:  This survival and outdoor educational tool is ideal for scouts, science projects or even backyard fun.
  • Premium Quality:  Bamboo handle designed to not hurt your hands, and a soft cottonwood fire board to help quickly create ambers. The rope is 550 paracord and the pressure cap comes with special steel bearings to minimize the energy lost when applying downward pressure.   
  • Fire Starting: While it takes some time to get the hang of it, with some practice you can soon have a fire.
    Step #1 – Use bow drill to create hot ember/coal.
    Step #2 – Place the hot coal into a tinder bundle (included) and blow on it until you ignite a flame.

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