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The Watcher Series

All-terrain electric off-road spider vehicle

All-terrain electric off-road spider vehicle

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This all-electric off-road spider car can drive over just about anything!

It may not look like your typical off-roading beast, but the ingenious Swincar by French company Mecanroc may be the most incredible ATV ever created. With four independent wheels mounted on spider-like legs and a suspended hammock-like seat for the driver, this thing can tackle terrain that most vehicles could never even attempt. Seventy-percent grade? No problem. Down the center of an irrigation ditch with each wheel at a different height? Easy peasy. Better yet, the all-electric four-wheeler can do all that with none of the smog-generating pollution of traditional off-road vehicles. The Swincar has four independently-driven wheels, with an electric motor for each one, which means it can crawl over rocks or handle extreme terrain with ease. A suspended seat means the driver can remain upright, no matter the grade, while also allowing the driver to tilt into extreme turns like you would on a motorcycle. Mecanroc is working on a two-seater version and a version that is suitable for disabled drivers. Right now, the prototype has a 1 to 1.5kW motor on each wheel, but future versions could have larger wheels and more power, making it even more competitive with gas-guzzling ATVs. Not to mention the fact that it looks pretty cool, whether you are on driving rough terrain or just a smooth, paved road.


Wattage: > 500w

Voltage: > 60V

Rated Passenger Capacity: One Seat

Range per Power: 10 - 30 km

Power Supply: Lithium Battery

Foldable: No

Spiderman telescopic links allow quick opening of the hinged legs at 90°. This allows the wheelchair to be placed closer and easier to transfer to the driver's seat. The telescopic links can be installed on the front and/or back, left and right, individually or in pairs, according to customer requirements.

- Reclining rally seat with good body support and comfort.

- Seat belts that help the driver maintain his position on the seat.

Customers can choose their preferred configuration.

Get off the pavement and explore the joys of the countryside. Enjoy outings with friends.

The Spider motorized version has received European (EU) road approval L6e-A. This will allow it to be registered and driven on all European roads.

The ridiculous degree of independent suspension freedom allows it to keep a driver upright over some very strange terrain.

Capable of handling a 70% slope head on, and travelling across a 50% slope sideways.

This vehicle's extraordinary capabilities are best demonstrated on tough, sloping terrain

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