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Survival Frog

550 Paracord - 100ft

550 Paracord - 100ft

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  • 100 Feet of Cord: The 100-foot length gives you a lot of leeway.
  • 550 LB: So lightweight you’ll barely notice it in your pack, this paracord’s a heavyweight champ in terms of its tensile strength.
  • Mutli-Purpose: The 9 inner strands include 13 pound fishing line and paratinder fire cord which can be used to start a fire. 
  • 9 Strand Inner Core: Fortified with 9 internal threads.
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: We back our products with our 6 Month "Any Reason" Refund Guarantee. Ships quickly from the USA. In addition to our 6 months "any reason" refund guarantee, Survival Frog also provides a full 3 years product warranty against any product defects.

    Like a standard rope on steroids.
    Strong, durable, and weather-resistant, this slim orange nylon paracord can handle the elements and withstand 550 pounds of weight. Still a go-to tool of the military, the paracord is now an affordable essential for every camping trip and bug-out bag. This multi-purpose cord is great to have on hand for everyday use, emergency situations, or your next outdoor adventure. The tough outer shell is made of top-quality, braided nylon, and inside you’ll find 9 additional threads reinforcing its core.

    The utility is endless:

    • String up a bear bag
    • Lash together a shelter
    • Climb out of a ravine
    • Secure cargo
    • Tie an impromptu tourniquet
    • Use it as a stand-in for a belt
    • Save a life using it as a rescue line in water or mud
    • And much, much more
    • BONUS: The finer inner strands are functional too and could be used for makeshift fishing string, shoelaces, or sewing thread.
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