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Survival Frog

2 Gallon "Expand-A-Jug" Water Carrier

2 Gallon "Expand-A-Jug" Water Carrier

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  •  Expandable: Can fold down into a more compact size when not filled with water. It will also expand at the sides to accommodate up to 2-gallons (3 day’s worth) of water with ease. 
  • Durable: Constructed of heavy-duty, high-strength polyethylene, this container can take the abuse that is regularly dished out in emergency situations. 
  • Convenient: Features On/Off spigot allowing you to save every precious drop of water. This spigot gives you the ability to fill up smaller bottles if needed without having to worry about any waste.

This jug is perfect for either in home use, for storage in the back of a car, or to top off a bug-out-bag or 72-hour survival kit. With the ability to collapse down to a smaller size and then expand, it will make securing water for a crisis situation much easier than other more conventional options.

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