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Snowfall Survival Knife Damascus Steel - Trailing Point Blade with Turquoise & Leather Handle

Snowfall Survival Knife Damascus Steel - Trailing Point Blade with Turquoise & Leather Handle

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Description: Experience the fusion of tradition and craftsmanship with our 12.0" Damascus Steel Bowie Knife. This robust fixed blade knife features a full tang construction, providing unrivaled strength and durability for any outdoor adventure or collection.

The blade boasts a meticulously crafted Damascus steel trailing point, known for its exceptional edge retention and striking pattern. Each knife is a testament to the art of smithing, with a blade that offers both exquisite beauty and practicality for hunters, campers, and knife enthusiasts alike.

The handle is a work of art in itself, featuring highly figured turquoise inlay that contrasts beautifully with the classic stacked leather. The seamless integration of materials provides both comfort and a secure grip, ensuring this knife feels as good in the hand as it looks.

Crowning this piece is a Damascus guard that not only adds to the aesthetic but also enhances safety during use.

Accompanying this masterpiece is a hand stitched leather sheath, as robust and well-crafted as the knife it protects, ensuring safe and stylish storage and transport.

Whether you’re adding to your collection, heading into the wilderness, or looking for the perfect gift for the knife aficionado in your life, this Damascus Steel Bowie Knife is an investment in both form and function.


  • Genuine Damascus steel blade with a trailing point design.
  • Full tang construction for lasting durability.
  • Handle with a stunning combination of turquoise and stacked leather.
  • Elegant Damascus guard for enhanced safety and style.
  • Includes a hand stitched leather sheath for protection.

Make a statement with this exquisite Damascus Steel Bowie Knife, a blend of elegance, tradition, and rugged functionality.

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