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Emergency Food & Essentials - Bundle of the Week

Emergency Food & Essentials - Bundle of the Week

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** Ships Only Within USA **
[Limited Time Only] Not sure what food to try? Try our meat and freeze dried and save big! 


  • Long shelf life - The Survival Food included has up to a 25-year shelf life 
  • Made in the USA - All foods are manufactured here in the USA
  • Try out our best selling Survival Food - Survival Fresh Canned Meat
  • Gear to prepare the food - This kit includes over $100 worth of Survival Gear to help prepare the food. Including a Pocket Stove & 12 Extra Hexamine Tablets, A can opener, A spork, A camping cup, and a Tough Tesla Lighter. 
  • Dry Bag for Storage: Includes a 20L Dry Bag to keep all of your gear and food dry.
  • $150 Value for $99.97: If purchased separately, value is over $150. That's a savings of over $50! 

This Bundle Includes:

1x - Beef Canned Meat by Survival Fresh
Nutritional Facts: (8 servings, 80 calories, or 2 oz. per serving) - Ingredients: Beef, Sea Salt Total Calories Per Can: 640 Per Serving, Calories 80, Total Fat 3g, Sodium 120mg, Carbs 0, Protein 14g
Allergens: Gluten-free & Dairy-free.

1x - Triple Mac & Cheese by Backpackers Pantry
Nutritional Facts: Serving Size: 1/2 package, Servings Per Container 2, Calories Per Serving: 260 (Fat 9g, Carbs 32g, Protein 12g). 
Contains: Egg, Milk, and Wheat - Mixes right in the pouch. Just add hot water and let sit for 15-20 minutes.

1x - Tough Tesla Lighter Orange

1x - Pocket Stove & 12 Hexamine Fuel Tablets

1x - Camping Cup

1x - Spork

1x - Emergency Can Opener

BONUS -  1x Blue Dry Bag
20 Liters

Don't know which of our survival meals and gear you want to stock up on? We understand - that’s why we have created this bundle of the week. Try it out and save big for a limited time only! 

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