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Cheap Off Road 400cc 4X4 2 Seat UTV Side by Side Utility Vehicle

Cheap Off Road 400cc 4X4 2 Seat UTV Side by Side Utility Vehicle

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Take On Any Terrain All Day and Start Off-Road Livin’ In A Brand Spankin’ New UTV.You will be extremely excited once you receive the Predator 400-XL UTV 2 Seater Utility Vehicle w/ Windshield - PREDATOR 400 XL-4 SEATS because it has what other UTV sellers do NOT! Sure there are others out there claiming or selling models that look the same, however the quality is just not there! Every single UTV comes with a warranty that is fully backed leaving you with NO RISK involved!



Maximum Torque: 17.6NM/5500rpm

Maximum Wattage: 400cc

Wheelbase: 1650MM

Weight: 300kgs

Motor: 150cc/200cc/250cc/400cc

Endurance: about 35 kilometers

Output power: 400cc

Transmission mode: shaft transmission

Maximum torque: 17.6NM/5500rpm

Ground clearance: 152mm

Max. speed: 65KM/H

Steering machine: Gearbox

Maximum climbing degree: 35 degrees

Minimum operating temperature: -20℃

Maximum operating temperature: 45℃

Braking method: foot brake, four-wheel disc brake

Vehicle size: 2300*1300*900mm

Packing size: 2285*1290*8600mm

Wheelbase: 1650MM

Net weight: 245kgs


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