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Survival Frog

All-In-One Bug Out Bag - Tan

All-In-One Bug Out Bag - Tan

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This Built-for-You Bug Out Bag Includes:

  • LifeShield® Bug Out Backpack (Tan or Black)
  • Warmth & Outdoor Shelter Kit
  • Emergency Food & Water Kit
  • Mess Kit by Survival Frog
  • Emergency Light & Communications Kit
  • Disaster Survival Essentials Kit
  • First Aid Kit

Elite All-in-One Emergency Bug Out Bag

This pack is JAM-PACKED with critical survival gear. We’ve done all the work for you – it’s the bug out bag you know you need but haven’t had time to build yourself. Designed specifically for preppers and survivalists, this comprehensive all-one-one B.O.B. contains 6 different survival kits totaling 27 unique pieces of high-quality gear for all your survival needs. Food and water, emergency tools, fire starting essentials, shelter, lighting, and more – this pack is chock-full of survival gear to give you confidence and assurance you can tackle any crisis. This B.O.B. is a one-stop-shop and grab-and-go ready. Carry this lifesaver with you and know you’ve got what you need to keep you safe.

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