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300cc Trike Motorcycle

300cc Trike Motorcycle

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Russian bike manufacturer Ural has been known to build some of the world’s most interesting motorcycles and this urban-inspired 3-wheeler motorcycle is definitely one of their best projects.

Set to cost around $16,999 (But now on sale for a fraction of the price) and looking like it’s ready for battle, this thing will keep you smiling for many miles to come. The limited-edition 3-wheel model is also really close to becoming a collectible, so you might want to get yours right now!

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Voltage: 12V


Tire Size: 90/90-18,130/90-15

System: water-cooled

Size: 2250*1640*1370mm

Power: < 200w

Payload Capacity: ≥400kg

Passengers: 3

Oil tank: 14L

Maximum Speed: ≥70Km/h

Grade Ability: 20-25°

Fuel Tank Capacity: 10-20L

Engine Type: Single Cyclinder 4 Stroke

Driving Type: Manual

Displacement: > 250cc, 300cc

Curb Weight: 200-300kg

Brake System: Front disc+Rear dsic

Body Type: Open


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