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Survival Frog

12 Smokeless Hexamine Fuel Tablets

12 Smokeless Hexamine Fuel Tablets

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  • Convenience: Hexamine fuel tablets can burn in the wind/rain and are specially designed for portable pocket stoves. Simply hold a small flame (from matches or lighter) to the fuel tablets and they will light almost immediately. 
  • Lightweight: These 12 fuel tablets weigh only 2.4 oz.
  • Smoke-Free Cooking: The Hexamine fuel tablets burn clean and don't give away your location with smoke. 
  • Long-Lasting: Each tablet will burn for approximately 10 minutes, giving you enough time to boil water and cook most survival foods with just a few tablets. 

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NOTE: Fuel tabs may have an odor before using, this is normal. We suggest keeping inside a plastic ziplock bag if stored with other gear. 

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