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No Ordinary Oat Milk 1L

No Ordinary Oat Milk 1L

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No Ordinary Oat Milk has a neutral flavour that doesn’t take away from the roast profile of the coffee.  Less oat, less sweet, more about the coffee.

6-9 Month Shelf Life. No Refrigeration Needed. 

At PH 7.3 this oat milk works better in coffee and amalgamates better than dairy which holds a higher acidity and doesn’t split.

No Ordinary Oat Milk is a premium oat milk formula, crafted with expertise from the gold standard, using oat kernels harvested onsite – not from powder or concentrate.

Calcium. Riboflavin. Vitamin B12. It’s got it. All to keep your coffee habit happy and healthy.

Our oats are Non-GMO and free from glyphosate.

Made in Sweden for our good friends across the ditch at Plant Projects NZ.

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