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The Watcher Series

Multifunctional Walking Stick

Multifunctional Walking Stick

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  • INDESTRUCTIBLE: Unbreakable machined aluminum alloy is strong enough to hold a person's weight and can withstand any situation.
  • WORTH EVERY PENNY: This tactical staff is designed to combine $100's of dollars of multiple tools into a functional alternative.
  • ADJUSTABLE: Unlike other short tactical sticks on the market our stick comes in 2 different variants 6 & 8 tubes which are long enough and suitable for any height. Simply add or remove the tubes and easily adjust the stick according to your height (that is 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 tubes stick)
  • PORTABLE: Fit neatly into the tactical canvas waist bag. Convenient enough to carry your trekking stick wherever you go.
  • ALL-IN-1 SURVIVAL KIT: Our stick comes with multiple tools which can be useful for 15+ different functions. It is capable of providing limitless jobs based on the dynamic nature of your situation.
  • WEIGHT: 3.08lbs (6 tubes Stick), 3.74lbs (8 tubes Stick)
  • LENGTH: 41.7 inches (6 tubes Stick), 54.7 inches (8 tubes Stick)

Outdoor Camping DIY Self-Defense Stick Safety Multi-Functional Home Car Defensive Protection Rod Hiking Emergency Survival Tool

Category: Self-defense stick

Material: T6 Aerial Aluminum Alloy

Function: Self-defense, outdoor survival, escape, emergency, etc.


High-strength material, oxidized black, strong hardness, and durability.

Multi-functional tool, with hook, saw, cutter, and gaff.

Anti-slip design on the surface, waterproof, scratch resistant.


Type: Pocket, Multi Tools


Type: Outdoor Survival trekking pole

Size: XL

Function9: hiking

Function8: Alpenstock

Function7: stick

Function6: Defense tool

Function5: Car defense stick

Function4: Harpoon

Function3: Multifunctional knife, saw

Function2: Walking Pole

Function1: Home defense

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