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Wilderness Paracord Bracelet

Wilderness Paracord Bracelet

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Also known as "survival bracelets," "550 cord bracelets," or "parachute cord bracelets," paracord bracelets consist of nylon woven cords twisted together to handle heavy loads. Small but mighty, they’re a multi-tool of choice by campers, climbers, hikers, survivalists, military soldiers, and outdoor enthusiasts due to their extreme handiness and versatility in emergency situations.

It wouldn’t be difficult to rack up a list of dozens of paracord uses, but let’s take a look at just ten that really showcase how utilitarian and versatile a survival bracelet can be for any outdoors person or prepper. Each of the following will be explained in subsequent sections, but here’s a quick list:

  1. Wilderness first aid
  2. Catch a fish
  3. Make a survival snare
  4. Build a survival shelter
  5. Make repairs
  6. Raise a bear bag
  7. Fashion a lanyard
  8. Start a fire
  9. Suspension lines & tripwires
  10. Boating Uses

length: 25cm
Material: Plastic buckle+ nylon
Weight: 43g
Diameter: 4mm
Uses: Emergency ,Survival Camping, Backpacking, Climbing, Hiking, Mountaineering, First Aid

Features : Compass & Flashlight

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