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The easy-to-follow guide for a better brain using simple methods you can start today and feel immediately better .

Written by the founder of Nushape Jessica Charles.

About 95% of neurological diseases are caused by the environment, and 5% are by genetics. And now epigenetics informs us that we can also influence that other 5%. In other words, there is no shortage of hope that we have the power to improve our health and take matters into our own hands.

Our bodies are amazingly intelligent complex creations designed to heal themselves and function perfectly without almost any conscious effort from us. If you stop to think just for a moment of all the many things our bodies do on our behalf - it truly is awe-inspiring. And typically, when we do experience a health crisis, it’s because there’s something causing an imbalance that needs to be resolved in order for our bodies to be able to heal.

Sometimes these imbalances are from the environmental toxins in our household products (cleaners, personal care products, detergents). Or it could be from poor lifestyle habits that eventually catch up with us - such as poor sleep or constant stress. But when we remove the cause, our body is often freed to heal naturally. This guide is meant to put you on the path of generally supporting or healing your brain by addressing the environmental factors at play along with lifestyle choices that make a difference. We’ll also take a look at natural options available to “hack” brain optimization.

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