Pure Mineral Dead Sea Salt Scrub

Pure Mineral Dead Sea Salt Scrub

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Origin: Jordan

Net Weight: 85G  and 315G

Ingredients: Dead Sea Salt, 100% Pure Mineral Dead Sea Salt, Fine Grain

Uses: Relieves psoriasis, eczema and acne. For use as both skin and body care

Exfoliate your skin with Dead Sea Salt body scrubs. Dead Sea body scrubs will leave your skin looking brighter, feeling softer with a healthy glow. Dead Sea Salt Scrub contains large coarse crystals to exfoliate and lift off dead skin cells.
The Dead Sea is a large body of salt water on the southern end of the Jordan River. Cited sixteen times in the Bible, the Dead Sea is mentioned primarily to describe the borders of the Promised Land.

The Dead Sea is known by a few different names in the Bible, including the Salt Sea (Genesis 14:3Numbers 34:312Deuteronomy 3:17Joshua 3:1612:3), the Sea of the Arabah (Deuteronomy 3:174:49Joshua 3:162 Kings 14:25), and the Eastern Sea (Ezekiel 47:18Zechariah 14:8). It was called the Salt Sea for its unusually high salinity. The name Sea of the Arabah was given for its location in the Arabah Valley. And the name Eastern Sea originated from the Dead Sea’s position on the eastern boundary of the land of Israel.