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Survival Frog

Tire Traction Mats

Tire Traction Mats

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This pair of emergency use Tire Traction Mats can help you get a car, truck or van free from snow, mud or sand. You will need a 2 pack for front or rear wheel drive cars, or pick up 2 pairs for use with 4 wheel drive vehicles.


  • Easy To Use:  Simply unfold and place in front of tires (see “Front” marking which goes under front of tire). The Tire Traction Mats provide the grip needed to recover a vehicle stuck in Snow, Mud or Sand.
  • Save Time & Money: You don’t need to wait for an expensive tow truck, or ask a stranger to lend you a hand – just use your Tire Traction Mats and you’ll be on your way.
  • Universal Size: Fits most cars & full sized trucks and can be used with city car driving, or off-road truck recovery.
  • Quality Design: Designed with non-slip technology including hexagonal honeycomb raised tracks and anchor tabs to help prevent slippage when you need traction the most. The tri-fold design matches ground contour to help drive vehicle out of hole created in snow, mud or sand. 
  • Heavy Duty: Made with corrosion resistant heavy-duty plastic. Withstands high impact and heavy weights with load-bearing capacity up to 3.5 tons. Comes with a full 3 year warranty (you break it, we replace it).
  • Safe for Vehicle: Tow ropes or pushing a car can damage the vehicle, but the Tire Traction Mats only come in contact with your tires, making this a much safer alternative.  
  • Stores Away Small: Reinforced quality hinges allow you to fold the mats in half for compact storage. Small enough to fit under your car seat and weighing in at only 1 pounds each.

NOTE: this is for use on soft ground such as snow, mud and sand. If used on hard surfaces such as paved road ways without snow coverage then you may crack the plastic.


Essential Car Survival Tool - every car should have the Frog & CO Tire Traction Mats for those times when you are stuck and calling for help isn’t an option. Anyone can use this simple device.

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