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The Watcher Series

Mechanical Slingshot

Mechanical Slingshot

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This RS-X5 crossbow slingshot is a great choice for outdoor target shooting and fishing. With its stainless steel construction and large bow head, it provides superior power and accuracy for long-distance shots. An ideal choice for anyone looking for reliable performance.

This RS-X5 crossbow slingshot offers maximum power and accuracy for outdoor shooting and fishing. With a large stainless steel bow-head, it ensures a long-lasting, powerful shot and is perfect for precise targeting. All of its components are of the highest quality, making it a must-have for any sport or outdoor enthusiast.


Product Feature:

  • The RS-X5 High Power Quality Super large Bow Head Slingshot is perfect for outdoor target shooting and fishing.
  • Featuring stainless steel construction, the slingshot has maximum power with minimal strain on the user, and a larger bow head design for increased accuracy.
  • Experience precise performance with RS-X5.



Material: Rubber+

Draw weight: 40-59 Pounds



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