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Survival Frog

Car Emergency Survival Kit

Car Emergency Survival Kit

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This is the perfect kit for any car disaster situation. Get all the essential disaster preparedness gear you need in one convenient and durable kit. This comprehensive survival kit includes our Digger Tact Shovel, a dependable fire starter, a snack if you're hungry, emergency sleeping bags for warmth, scream whistles to call for help, hand warmers, and a set of playing cards with survival tips to keep warm and entertained while you wait. This emergency survival kit has everything you need to survive in a stranded car. Built for one -  you’ll have what you need to get through a cold night in your car.

    • 1 – HydroStop Lightweight Dry Bag (keep your gear safe)
    • 1 – Tough Tesla Lighter (flashlight, fire tinder, whistle, lighter)
    • 1 – Digger Tact Shovel (folding shovel for easy storage)
    • 1 – Survival Tips Playing Cards (52 interesting and funny tips)
    • 1 – Frog Sticker (ribbit)
    • 2 – Great-Tasting MRE Bars (2 x 2400 calories of yum)
    • 1 – TACT Bivvy Emergency Sleeping Bags (reflects 90% of body heat)
    • 1 – Micro Scream Whistle (call for help, over 100 decibels loud)
    • 1 - Six Pack of Water Pouches (emergency water supply)
    • 1 - Pocket Jumper PRO 2.0 (jump your car without relying on others!)
    • 1 - Tire Traction Mats (stuck? no problem with these) 
    • 1 - Adventure First Aid 0.5 oz Tin (stay safe in an emergency)
    • 1 - Quickheat Electric Handwarmer (warm yourself, or charge your phone)
    • 1 - EDC Survival Bundle (various survival tools)
    • 1 - Mini Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight (light source)
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