Rethinking The Impossible: The Incredible Story of Gideon and The 300

Rethinking The Impossible: The Incredible Story of Gideon and The 300

During the time of the Judges the people of Israel would come to the place where they could no longer tolerate their circumstances, so they would cry out to God for help. God would again and again come to their rescue and deliver them. It is a story we all can identify with. This time Israel had enjoyed forty years of prosperity and once again they had become self sufficient and self centered. The people had returned to worshipping idols --the one thing that always seemed to be their final downfall. So God allows the Midianites to oppress Israel for seven years. The Midianites were very oppressive and confiscated the crops and herds and destroyed what they didn’t take. The people hid in fear whenever they would come to pillage their villages. To demonstrate His compassion to save Israel, God chooses the least likely candidate to become their leader. His task is to defeat the armies of the Midianites. The story of Gideon demonstrates how God can take a person with very little faith and turn them into great faith warrior that overcomes oppressive circumstances.

There may be a situation or relationship in your life that has been causing you lots of grief, heartache and trouble. You might even think that you are going against the grain however when trouble arises you must take a step back and look at the power that is already within you. Isaiah chapter forty verse six states "He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak.''There is a power source in each one of us that believes , and that source is Jesus Christ.

The old way of thinking, leads people believe that they must revert back to old ways and habits that are ungodly as a way to decide the outcome of a troubling situation or relationship ; But when God gives you power to overcome a situation, Satan essentially becomes harmless. This is not to say that you will not encounter adversity, however it does ensure that you will be victorious.

When you decide to live and to not allow Satan to hurt you any longer. You in essence begin to live a life of victory. Belief in God and his power becomes most evident when you decide that he is too great to allow you to quit. So remember, when things get tough just continue to push, trust God and above all else

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Excerpt: Cross Roads Chapel

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