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Life Lessons From Samson, The First Superhero

Samson’s birth and life were different from that of any other human who has walked the Earth. In the pages of Samson: War of the Judges, we read the ultimate tale of conspiracy, betrayal, love, revenge, and redemption. A mischaracterization of Samson is that he was a dumb, lustful, hulk of a man who was also selfish and immoral. When we read the story of Samson in Judges 13–16 and then later in Hebrews 11:32–33, we can see Samson in a completely different light. He seems clever, cunning, poetic, wise, and righteous, meaning he had faith in God although he had flaws in his life. In some sense, Samson’s life even foretold the living prophecy of Jesus’s being sent to Earth later.

Samson was born of the Holy Spirit, showing that the Holy Spirit can truly live in each one of us. His feat of carrying the gates of Gaza on his back to the hill of Mount Hebron can be seen as a reflection of Jesus’s carrying his cross for our sins as well as of Israel’s patriarch, Isaac’s, carrying wood on his back for the sacrifice.

Samson is among the first people in the world to literally walk by faith and not by sight, which later listshim as one of the heroes of faith while also lending credit to what Jesus meant when he said “blessed are those who haven’t seen but believe” to the disciple affectionately known as doubting Thomas. Even though Samson was flawed in many areas of his life, he ultimately laid down his life, body, and spirit for the Creator, which is the greatest testament to his life.

I encourage you to read the story of Samson straight from the Bible, as this book was written to highlight the independence of Israel from tyranny while also displaying the power of God. Samson ruled for twenty years, and I wanted to highlight some of the possible battles and scenarios that may have taken place. The story of the previous judges serve as a backdrop to Samson’s story, as their lives helped shape his.

The biggest takeaway from the life of Samson is that God does not give up on his children, no matter how hopeless we may appear to be. In addition, Samson’s life should serve as a warning message that giftedness does not equate to holiness and that one should choose to live and serve God instead of flirting with temptation.

      I have been interested in Samson and his dynamic story since I was a kid. I loved watching the animatedHanna Barbara Biblical cartoons they showed on TV and even owned the series on VHS tape. It is important to me to let the people know who Jesus really is. However I wanted to be able to capture not only a child's imagination but also the child in all of us. Samson's story should definitely not be overlooked nor any of the other Old Testament patriarchs, these men where truly incredible. They fought in wars for the freedom of their clansmen and also fought for the one true God. I have done extensive research on Samson. .Looking at his life in I can say that addition to warfare, judicial duties and religious obligations He would've been used for farm work. I don’t think it’s farfetched to say that carrying a ton a day would've been easy work for him. Because The Holy Spirit is intelligent and is part of the Trinity of God; The Holy Spirit knows of man’s inabilities to handle certain feats due to human frailties. So it’s not too farfetched to say that the Holy Spirit would've genetically engineered his body, his muscles, his bones and his body composition to with stand what his body was going to go through. After his daily tasks and even battle chores Samson would've had more than an extra pep in his step. This is also supported by Samson strict diet. Why else he had to abstain from foods that are forbidden? I have always believed that it is because they had no nutrients to fuel his body.

         Even though Judges is a book rooted in the study of human weakness when ensnared with the ugliness of sin it is also about The Holy Spirit and a testament to his majestic power manifested throughout the life of Samsonas well as the other Judges. With each read, I feel as though the story is dedicated to the Holy Spirit andprovides some insight into a tiny bit of his glorious power. The Holy Spirit is an unstoppable testament to the supernatural story of Samson. This is why I truly love the story of Samson. It is 4 Chapters of The Holy Spirit greatest display of power and might.

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