Lessons to learn from the life of Nehemiah: Pray, Plan, Build!

Nehemiah was a Jew serving a Babylonian King; but his heart was always with his people, such was his devotion to God and his people that he interceded for them
Here are a few of the lessons I've learned from him that are applicable to life and entrepreneurship: 
1)His status didn't affect his faith.
Nehemiah was the king's cup bearer and that was no small position as it allowed him access to the king himself, yet he prayed and fasted and loved both God and his people.
2)He didn't get there by chance.
This is not to dispute Gods favor or mercy however Nehemiah more than likely , possessed a combination of the needed skills and knowledge to attain his position and serve the king. Nehemiah's diligence was a key factor in his rise.
3)Prayer Is Key
Nehemiah prayed for his people and to his God. Through consistency in prayer he was able to triumph over his enemies. 
4)Preparedness and Planning
When the king asked Nehemiah to state his request; he didn't have to think it through, he already had a plan of action, he knew what needed to be done and how it was to be done. Planning and Prep is crucial when working to accomplish a goal. 
5)Trust The Right People
Only a few people knew of Nehemiah's mission and he kept it so until it was time to reveal it to the right people. It is imperative to remain quiet about our visions ; only speaking it to the right builders and master craftsmen who will help bring it into reality.
6)Action Plays A Huge Role
Having arrived at the city , Nehemiah mobilized the people and resources and got to work, this is the primary function of an entrepreneur.
Nehemiah's exceptional crisis management skills, came through when there was tremendous opposition, so much that he prepared a battle strategy in the advent of a sudden attack by enemy forces. In the same way entrepreneurs have to be able to manage the many challenges that come with entrepreneurship. 
 What did you learn from his story ? Share your thoughts below!
Photo Credit:  Grace Baptist Church