Church Arson On The Rise In Canada

Church Arson On The Rise In Canada

Churches are being burnt down all around Canada by deliberate arsonists at the moment.

The picture featured is a Catholic Church in Morinville. The third attack on a Church this week alone.

“On Monday, RCMP said a fire was deliberately started at the Siksika First Nation Catholic Church. On Tuesday, RCMP said at attempt was made to start a fire inside the Siksika Anglican Church, but was unsuccessful.” -

An absolute tragedy for the Christian community, and what should be classified as a hate crime... Yet not a word from the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Canadian Christians are already dealing with arrests of their pastors and shut downs of services. If you have faith please pray to give them strength.

If you do not consider yourself religious but respect peoples rights to freedom of religion & belief please spread the word because Canadian politicians will not!
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